Actionable Advice

29 June 2021
What is Professional Presence and How Do You Build It? So many hiring managers mention “professional presence” as a desired trait when adding to their team, but what do they really mean? To clarify the ambiguity of “professional presence,” I surveyed heads of law firm recruiting, professional development, and human resource departments asking them to explain what “professional presence” looks like.[...]
9 August 2021
Specific Ideas for Fostering Long-Term Mentoring Relationships This week marks the end of most 2021 summer associate programs across the country. Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of presenting to a dozen law firms’ law students, teaching them how to thrive and get the most out of their experiences.    During our trainings, I heard many express their desire to forge[...]
29 June 2021
Biggest Mistakes Young Professionals Make and How to Avoid Them During my decades of experience as a recruiter, I’ve surveyed and spoken with hiring managers to learn the biggest mistakes made by the young professionals on their teams. Based on these surveys and conversations, I am sharing the three biggest mistakes new hires make and my advice on how to[...]
30 June 2021
Starting an Internship Off Right Last night, I hosted a Clubhouse meeting with young professionals who were anxious but excited to start their summer internships this week. Our discussion focused on how to start an internship off right. I provided them with critical insight about what bosses love and based on their insightful questions, I have summarized the most important[...]